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Ravenstahl, 25, would take over if mayor can't return


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From today's PG:

City Council President Luke Ravenstahl, at 25 the youngest member of council in city history, would take over as mayor in the event that Bob O'Connor cannot return to office.

The "big" story is in theory, that the mayor has just been diagnosed with cancer. While I don't want to sound cold, and I do wish him the best in beating his cancer - a very unique thing cna happen here that wouldn't have happened under other circumstances.

If this guy, whom I know nothing about, should be required to become mayor, automatically a sudden change in the Pittsburgh political landscape will happen. Now, one man can't quickly change an old boy's network - but to me this is the bigger headline today. Now this Ravenstahl guy could just be a 25 year old version of an old timer politician, but there could be so much promise, if he is remotely competent and remotely visionary...

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I did a little bit of research on him a while ago. His father and I think his grandfather were both local judges. He seems to care about people of all ages, but as far as I can tell he has no particular affinity with the young crowd. I would be happier to see Bill Peduto become mayor, but Ravenstahl might surprise us.

Of course I'm only speaking hypothetically. I want to see O'Connor beat his cancer, I wish him the best.

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