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715 Megapixel Shot of Sydney

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Yes, 715 megapixels. I saw this on digg.com and of course I can't show the pic in this thread as it would take many computer screens to show, but take a look at this link: http://www.docbert.org/SydneyByNight/

The level of detail is astounding. You can actually see chairs and rooms in full clarity in the offices when zoomed in.


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i just returned from a huge trip to NEw Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii. Sydney was amazing, but that pic doesn't even scratch the surface of just that portion of the city. good shot though! i love Sydney at nighttime. I'll have to post my pics as well.

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That pic is amazing! The amount of detail in that pic is astounding. It's cool how you can even see into the rooms. The setting of the pic itself is great as well. Sydney is a beautiful city and this pic really brings it out.

Indeed. It's a good thing it's split up and loaded on demand - the Photoshop file is over 1.4 GB!


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