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Compare Supermarkets to buy some NC Winn-Dixies


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A small supermarket chain with an 'international taste' is planning to open a few more locations throughout North Carolina, leasing out former Winn Dixie locations...


I know nothing about Compare Foods but I live right by a closed down Winn Dixie. My first instinct is to say that this is great news. Any thoughts?

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Most of these conversions have already happened. Several Winn-Dixie locations were in neighborhoods that were a good fit for an "International Market" (even though Compare skews mostly Hispanic.) Even though Compare presents itself as a chain, it's kinda like an IGA, each location has a different owner. Because of this conditions can vary dramatically. I am not familiar with how they are structured up north, but have first hand knowledge of their operation here.

I would say this is good news, anytime you can keep a 40,000+ sf commercial space from going dark, keep people employed, and contribute to the community it's a GOOD thing!

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