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Lowes Foods to open first Horry Co. store

suburban george3

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Lowes Foods is coming down from the Wilmington area and opening their first location in Horry Co. at the Little River Pavilion. The shopping center is near the intersection of Hwys 17 & 179. I'm sure that more stores are to follow in the area. I will be in the area this week and will try to snap a pic.

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Got to check out the new Lowes Foods last night... the layout is similar to their other recent stores but they have upgraded their decor package. From what I'm told it's similar to their Providence Rd. area store in Charlotte, very upscale and attractive, kinda Publix/Harris Teeter like. No more Green Paint thru the store! Here's a pic, it was close to closing time when I got by the store so it's a nighttime pic. Hopefully I can get a daytime one in the future.


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