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Chinese Liquor (Baijiu) - Erguotou, maotai, wuliangye


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Hi Friends -

I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to find the distilled chinese grain spirits (bai jiu) like Er guo tou, mao tai, or wu liang ye in the United states. If so, what kind of store were they purchased at? And in what state? They seem to be very hard to find in Tennessee, even Er Guo Tou.

Thank you for your help!!

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Bai jiu? Man, that's some awful stuff.

I've only seen it in Asian-oriented supermarkets that also sell liquor. There's usually at least one in a larger city, although I'd imagine that with TN's strict liquor laws, supermarkets wouldn't be able to sell it. But I think it was actually classified as a wine in Texas.

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