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Piece of History In Portland ME City Hall

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Incredible Piece of History Found in City Hall Attic

By: peter

3/8/04 - A framed certificate with two of the original emblems carried to the moon aboard Apollo XVII during its December 1972 trip to the moon was found last week in a 3rd floor attic at Portland City Hall.

The certificate was presented to City of Portland Mayor at the time, Edward Bernstein on March 2, 1973 and was signed by astronauts Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt.

The framed certificate contains two emblems (an American Flag and Apollo XVII patch) that were actually carried to the moon by the astronauts.

The certificate will be on public display in City Hall in the near future - more details to come.

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It's always interesting when things that were forgotten about long ago have been rediscovered. A few months ago a time capsule was discovered in Detroit. Unfortunately the contents had been damaged quite heavily by water.

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