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Crossroads Mall


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When I left OKC in 2002, Crossroads Mall was starting to show some signs of decline but was still pretty busy and had a lot of stores. Now, I've heard that the place is getting down to its last straw. Can somebody who still lives in the city confirm this? If so, what has caused this? I would think it would suck for south OKC if they were to lose it.

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The mall has been on the decline for 10-15 years. It is indeed in bad shape. It has recieved no major renovations since it was built (unlike Penn and Quail, which are already newer malls). They have done a poor job controlling the amount of gang activity there and it has even lead to a death inside the mall a couple months ago. As a result of this, many people are afraid to go to Crossroads. Also, the former Montgomery Ward space has never been filled (of course no one want to go in there). Things do not look good.

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I don't go there often but I hope The Cowboys Apparel Retailer will stay in OKC if the mall has to go away.

Oh Shane... why?!!... :cry:

Newsflash: JC Penney broke ground in Moore in the new Shops at Moore development across from Riverwalk North.

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