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County smoking ban?


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Some patrons were discussing the ban in a local tavern in West View a few weeks ago. The feel of the conversation was that the ban is a done deal. I think the ban will help to open Pittsburgh up to outsiders. I suppose Pittsburgh becomes a little less distinct in the process, but the gains by far outweigh the losses.

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I think the ban is a bad idea, a violation of my civil liberties. If you agree, testify at the next City Council Meeting this Tuesday.

To speak at the hearing, simply complete and fax in the form at http://www.county.allegheny.pa.us/council/...ngs/req2com.pdf

On the Agenda Item line, write Smokefree Workplace Ordinance. Please note the deadline to sign up is Noon on September 4 (Labor Day). County Clerk John Mascio can be reached at 412-350-6495 or [email protected]


County council is working on a bill right now to ban smoking in most restaurants and bars. I'm glad to hear it and hope they pass it quickly. I do not want our city to fall behind the times on this. Plus, I would love to enjoy Sharp Edge without coming away smelling of smoke ;)

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