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My trip to Dallas/FW, San Antonio, and Houston (Part 4)


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Wow, those photos of Houston show it to have a much more expansive skyline than I thought. It looked impressive, almost like a wall of buildings. Of course Houston has bad traffic, as a city of 5 million people, it is growing faster than most large cities are. All big cities worldwide have bad traffic, and there's no real way to stop it. Cities with massive subways and other public transit still are traffic choked (New York, Chicago, etc.). To be honest, I think the biggest thing Houston can teach Charlotte is the answer to the question: how great can we become? How far up the list can we go? Houston was once a smaller sunbelt city, but now is a thriving metropolis with a booming economy, population, and the fruits of such growth. Charlotte should see how many companies Houston has, and ask any of them if they would be interested in moving to Charlotte... :D

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