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Fire Escape Photos


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While looking at the back of the Federal Square building this morning I was reminded that we still have a number of really interesting fire escapes in Grand Rapids.

They can be facinating photographic subjects, so let's document the ones we still have before they are lost to modern building codes.






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I do not have a picture of it but the Michigan National Bank building(I do not know that the new name is) has a great fire escape. We used to sit out on it and watch the 4th of July fireworks and throw snowballs to people on the parking ramp. Good Times.

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why would they get rid of them????? it seems like fire code would be violated without them???

Modern building codes require two exitways from each floor; these are built into new buildings. If you do renovations of the sort that fall under ADA codes, fire escapes go away.

[explanation greatly simplified from my DDA course from 2001, wherein we rehabbed an old narrow DT building and it had to include an elevator)

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Found another but I'm not sure of the building.

I vaguely remember something similar walking out of the Cottage Bar a few nights ago.

That's the Loraine Building I believe. I think there used to be (or is) an architectural firm in there.

Here's one:


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