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Powerline Right of Way


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I've got a question about power line right of ways in NC.

Can you just set up camp under a power line right of way in NC???

I used to live in Cumberland County between Fayetteville, and Hope Mills. I lived in a modest new relatively dense suburban neighborhood with a high tension power line cutting through part of it. After living there for a year I noticed what looked like a shack under it. Apparently someone lives in it, they eventually installed a carport. I guess the neighbors didn't mind. I've also noticed a few other places like this. I

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I drove by it today and took photos. I'll post them tonight. The power lines and right of way are bigger than you would normally see in a residental area, but are not the "huge" tall metal tower high tension ones.

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I looked at Cumberland County's GIS information and from what I can tell the Lots meet under the power lines. So I figure he built that shack with his neighbors permission. Anyway, I don't live there anymore so it doesn't really matter to me. I still think that PWC would make them tear it down???

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