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Santo Domingo Projects

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Santo Domingo, the first city in the New World, is now going through a mid- to high-rise boom. There are aslo many gov't projects underway, includng the construction of a Metro. Here's a few of the buildings under constrution now.

The Anacaona Ave. This avenue is experienceing a boom in mid- high- rise buildings with a beautiful park (Mirador del Sur) across the street and great ocean views.


Caney Tower (Torre Caney) 36 Stories- Will be the tallest building in the Dominican once completed. It is very luxiourious. Currently around the 15-18 floors.


Blue Tower (Torre Azul) 23-26 Stories- Another luxury tower with a great ocean view.


Margot Towers (Torres Margot) 30 and 25 Stories- Probably one of the most uniquely designed towers in Santo Domingo. These residencial towers give the impression that they are holding each other up.


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La Esperilla- One of the more mid- high- rise clustered sections of the city. Probably the site with the newest high- rises in the city.


Hispania Tower (Torre Hispania) 22 Stories- This tower was recently revealed. Will be amoung the tallest in this sector.


Alco Paradisso 22 stories- This building is actually in the first picture. The construction has been slow as of late, the completion date was supposed to be some time in 05.


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Piantini- Mostly mid-rise buildings in this sector. Some of the older mid-rises are in this section of the city.

Mimo Tower 14-15 Stories- One of the more modern mid-risers in this section of town.


Ensache Piantini Tower 20 Stories- This will be one of the taller buildings in Piantini


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