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Heidelberg Project and And the art of TYREE GUYTON


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This post is for everything Tyree and what he means to Detroit. I'm going to add a press release here that maybe should have been placed in a things to do thread, but we feel he deserves his own arena. Questions to be asked are: What has the project done for Detroit? The world? Who is Tyree? How did he fight city hall? How did he bring a true movement of love, heart, courage, pride, and passion to our city? More. DetroitStylePride and DetroitBazaar will be there on the 26th of August to celebrate and appreciate. Here it is:

"The Heidelberg Project


The artistic team at the Heidelberg Project have designated August 26, 2006, as the day to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Heidelberg Project. Detroit born artist Tyree Guyton has gained recognition as well as notoriety for the installation he created 20 years ago when he grew tired of doing nothing about the deterioration of his neighborhood. He and the project have become a symbol of inspiration, hope, un-deterred commitment and sheer determination.

The Heidelberg Project has already brought new ideas and energy to the community. Visitors and supporters from 90 countries and all 50 states have made the Heidelberg Project one of Detroit

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