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Boston to host new stadium for the Revolution?


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City exploring soccer stadium for Revolution [Boston.com]

Boston wants the New England Revolution to make the city their new home.

With the soccer team looking to build a stadium of its own somewhere in the area, Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday sent a letter to Major League Soccer officials expressing his interest in locating it in the city.

Is this a good investment for Boston?

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I'd say this would be great for MLS, good for Boston, and bad for Foxboro and Mansfield. First I believe this would be a great place for the MLS, I have totally bought into the fact that the MLS will strive in the next ten or so years so it would be cool to see Boston get aboard now. This would be a great attraction for the concert acts that generally take place in Foxboro (Gillete Stadium) and Mansfield (Tweeter Center), and possibly even Worcester (The Centrum).

I would assume the plan would be to put it in Southie near the WTC and new Convention Center, but I doubt this will happen as the residents of South Boston had a fit whne the Patriots, and the Sox, even showed intrest of building stadiums in Boston...

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