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Where all my Californians at?!


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For the most populated state in the nation, there ain't much here! Just tell where you at, and how it's goin!

I was born and raised in Milpitas, CA. It's on the southern end of the San Francisco Bay. We moved away a year ago, but it's still near to my heart!

Hey CityToRural,

San Diego here- I grew up mostly in very rural small town California-the Sierra Foothills- and have managed to live all over the state; Bay Area, Central Valley, Chico (college, of course) Hollywood, Palm Springs and finally here for the last 18 years. I think California is like most places only more so- definitely a lot of suburban hell, gritty cities, and Central Valley rural numbness but also some of the greatest Urban areas and Natural places on earth.

We just got back from a two week road trip that took us up to Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, San Francisco, Healdsburg, The Coastal Redwoods (there is nothing more magnificent in the world!) Oregon coastline-awesomely beautiful-, Portland-Love that city!- and back through 5 to Mt. Shasta, Walnut Creek and home.

From the grinding traffic going through central LA, to the beautiful central coast, Urban San Francisco, the Wine country to the Redwood Forests and a Volcano, boring LONG central valley the trip really showed the diversity of this state. And that doesn't even count the deserts and the Sierras

Lots of other beautiful places; built and natural in the states (really opening up my eyes here with all the shared photos and conversations) but I'm glad to be able to easily access so much here.

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You pretty much captured it. There's so much to do there, I miss the place despite its problems.

You know, I spent Freshman year at Chico State. Which dorm?

Transfered in as a Junior, never lived in a dorm. Lived in a cool old Victorian with a front porch (you know the type- Chico is all about front porches) a block and a half from campus. I used to joke that I was still in REM sleep in the couple of minutes it took me to run across the street to my first class in the morning.

Loved Chico- a beautiful, tree lined, beer guzzling quintessential college town. I was there during the "Pioneer Day Riots of '86"-which was a bunch of nothing; a few drunk kids jumping over an old couch burned in the street, an window awning bent and a laundromat window broken-reported on CNN as a riot, what a farce. That marked the end of Pioneer Days though, sigh....The next night the helicopters circling overhead and the dozens of mounted police signaled the end of an era, and a whole lot of overkill.

Still loved walking across the bridge from Phych 101 to Econ 101 and watch salmon going up the creek to spawn a few times a year. Not too many colleges give you that.

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Damn...I've heard the stories about the last Pioneed Days. Except for the burning couch, that's not completely different from what's goin on now...students are still sore over that getting canceled. Anything's a great excuse to get drunk there :) And I gotta agree about the campus...very fun place, plenty to drink and plenty to do...and it's probably the second prettiest campus I've been to, behind UCSC...and I still like the Chico campus better because it's not utterly confusing like UCSC is.

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I was born in Long Beach, grew up in Lakewood in the 50's, 60's and 70s. My parents moved to the area after the depression from Texas and Indiana. After WW2 my dad was able to buy, with help from the GI Bill a brand new house for $2,500.00. I still have the deed, his payments were $22.00 a month. I remember Orange County having miles and miles of orange groves, and Cerritos being called Dairyland and we had our milk delivered in bottles from a dairy there. Across the street from where I lived was a bean field. Driving to Big Bear we turned left on Beach Blvd and headed to the mountains. Sunday fried chicken with Mrs. Knott at Knott's Berry Farm. POP, The Pike, Marineland. Sheriff John on KTTV, Engineer Bill on KHJ, and listening to KRLA and KHJ radio in the summer. In school we got to watch the Dodgers play in the World Series instead of going to class. I escaped in 1979 and moved to northwest Arkansas. Now it seems, everyone has followed me here. I'm in one of the top 10 fastest growing areas in the country. Have not been back there in about 10 years, I heard it's changed some.

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