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Report from ym First DJ'ing Field Experience

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It went fairly well, despite the fact that the majority of advertising I had planned to do never happened. I'm looking into doing another, although next time adding a few hours and devoting certain time slots to EDM styles other than trance. We also re-designed the space the day of, tore down the counter and built a new one, and set up a new larger projection screen where the old counter used to be. Finished about 15 minutes or so before the party began ;o

The place made for an excellent venue. The projection screen provided opportunities not many can get with small venues, especially with premiere performances. The atmosphere was great as well, a building from the early 1900's with old fashioned tin stylised ceilings, and pure wooden floors mixed with modern technology.

A local DJ also stopped in to check things out as well.. I am led to believe it was Dave Aude? He said he DJ's at the Margarita Grill. I did learn a lot from it though, and I'm sure I have much more to learn as well, so each of my performances should be better and better.

Here's a few pics from the event:




(Yes I was using a virtual system to DJ with. When already having a great PC with a high-quality sound card, it's a much cheaper alternative to a full set of turntables and mixers when starting out)

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