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Mackinac Island


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Honestly, these past couple of weeks when there have been these huge post put up with 100+ pictures, I have neither the patience or time to look at them all. That's just one persons opinion though. From what I did see, they are not bad photo's (BTW)

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Fabulous! I still have to get me there this summer before it is over. I haven't been to the island in a few years.

My tip: go on Labor Day. All the fudgie crowds will be bridgewalking and heading south. Labor Monday is quiet, pleasant, and all the T-shirt shops have big sales on.

I've also enjoyed mid-October, when the shirts are typically 75% off.

And pick up a copy of the newspaper for interesting snippets of info. "Welcome new kindergartners, all six of you!"

[collector of "I Rode All the Way Around Mackinac Island 9.8 Miles!!" embroidered patches]

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