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Lil Bit of Downtown Greensboro part 1


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Ok I went downtown this morning to take some photos of current residential projects under construction as well as a few other downtown scenes. Enjoy the tour! :)


These condos are called 600 Bellemeade and they are being built a block west of the ballpark. They are not a part of the planned Bellemeade Village which will have 300 plus condos,townhomes and apartments.





These are the 411 West Washington condos that are now complete and the first residents will move in next week. These condos sold out before the building was even constructed.




Here is the new roundabout that was constructed at McGee and Greene Street.

You can see the backside of Smothers Place Lafts in the background



Gateway Plaza Tower in the background


Here are some photos of the Carolina Theatre on Greene Street




Here is a bar right across the street from the Carolina Theatre



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Thanks! There are condos still on the drawing board. a rendering was just released on the second building of Bellemeade Village.

I think its now time to go highrise in downtown Greensboro. Center Pointe (Old Wachivia Building) and the Triad Tower condos near the airport show that the market is ready for highrise condos in Greensboro.

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Yeah, construction will start this month or next. I emailed the office about units... they start in the 180s for a 1 bedroom and go up to the upper 500s for a 2, 3 bedroom. Construction should be completed in 20 months.

what's the word on the old Wachovia Bldg rennovation? Is it moving forward?
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Thanks Twin City!. I like 411 too. What I like about all the residential construction downtown is there are different living options with different kinds of residential units. Many of them are unique in that there is nothing like them anywhere else in Greensboro.

Southside is one of the best urban neighborhoods I've seen anywhere. Every living option is there with single family homes, townhomes, live-work unts, apartments, towerhomes. Several apartment buildings are planned on the north side of the neighborhood so it looks like Southside will continue too grow far beyond its origional plan. Then there is Bellemeade Village. I cant wait till that neighborhood gets underway and then the Old Wachovia Building. Its an exciting time for downtown Greensboro.

Do you have the exact link to Greensboro's Building Boom? I couldnt fint that video when I went to the website.

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