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Incorporate Cordova?


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Has there ever been a movement to incorporate Cordova rather than making it all a part of Memphis? I know there is a Cordova Leadership Committee, but I've never heard an idea to establish the town as a separate entity from Memphis.

Much of Cordova has already been annexed by Memphis. The remainder cannot incorporate, due to Tennessee state law which forbids any new incorporations within 3 miles of an exisiting incorporated city.

There was an attempt to incorporate Cordova, along with several other communities in unincorporated Shelby County, in 1997 under the Public Chapter 98 law that was passed by the state legislature. This so-called "tiny town" law would have given communities as small as 250 residents a short opportunity to incorporate. Cordova would have become a city, as well as Hickory Hill and just about everything in Shelby Co. not already part of a municipality. However, the law was struck down by the Tennessee Supreme Court within a few months of its passage, and none of the new incorporations were permitted.

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