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Sim City 4 vs. City Life


Which of these is the better game?  

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    • Sim City 4
    • City Life

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Its supposed to be the next generation sim city, but i haven't seen that its worth paying money to play. But then, i don't have much free time to play anything like that anymore. The premise is that its a more socially driven game. You have to make people from various classes of people happy or something like that. I personally like managing the inrastructural and budgetary aspects of a city, and designing one to look and function well. This city life game looks as though that kind of thing does not take place.

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I'll also add that this may not be the best place to get an opinion on that game. While we don't generally reccomend giving links to other forums, this one may be of use to you and your decision. Read through this link to see what other SC4 fans are saying about this game.

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I wasn't too familiar with City Life either. After looking around a little myself I've seen some negative responses on it. Not exactly because of the gameplay, although there are those who appear to like SC4 better. But more because it apparently has StarForce copy protection. I haven't come across any software that had this on it yet. But it apparently can really cause problems by altering your drivers and such. Some people have said it caused major software problems on their computers that even led to hardware problems. Anyway just thought I'd throw that out there.

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I own both games and I have to say that SC4-RH is much more interactive on the missions and everything but City Life gives you a little more control over features like the ammount of available jobs reflective on the ammounts of residents moving to your city and vice-versa on a much more realistic scale than RH. On the other hand, RH gives a lot more utility control like subway path, pipeways, and creating bus lines at your own discretion. I believe the fact that CL has cultural aspects between the elites down to the scrubs of society is a very detailed and important part of the game just like in real life planning. I've gone back and forth between the two games but I tend to play City Life a lot more.

I'm hoping Maxis's Spore allows you to have the same types of controls as well once you get to the city and world level. I'll probably drop both these games cold the day it comes out.

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