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Austin ranked 2nd best city to live by Money Magazine!


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The 2006 best places to live by Money Magazine is out and once again Austin ranks in the top 10 this time we are number 2. Surgar Land was ranked 3rd best small city to live in.

The top ten for Big Cities

1 Colorado Springs CO

2 Austin TX

3 Mesa AZ

4 Raleigh NC

5 San Diego CA

6 Virginia Beach VA

7 Omaha NE

8 Columbus OH

9 Wichita KS

10 New York NY

The top ten in small cities (ie under 300,000)

1 Fort Collins, CO

2 Naperville IL

3 Sugar Land TX

4 Columbia/Endoict Cit MD

5 Cary NC

6 Overland Park KS

7 Scottsdale AZ

8 Boise ID

9 Fairfield CT

10 Eden Prairie MN

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