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Homeless World Cup USA Street Soccer Tournament


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Just saw that Charlotte will host the Homeless World Cup USA Street Soccer Tournament 8/17-20. They're playing on the lot at 3rd and Tryon.

Urban Ministry is involved. I quote from their announcement: "This summer dozens of homeless soccer players from all across the USA are coming to Charlotte for a tournament which will culminate in a bigger and better USA Homeless World Cup team."


They also want volunteers to help with event activities. Talk about a conversation starter for your resume.

Read more on the CCCP site:


Anyone think the pols had this in mind when they started trying to draw amateur sports to the QC? Will there be a parade on Queens Rd.? Will the mayor make a speech at the opening ceremony? If all the players are homeless, who's the home team?


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"USA Homeless World Cup team"

:lol: I'm sorry, that really isn't funny laughing at someone's hardship but I found that amusing when I first saw it because I had never heard of such a thing in all my life. It's good they have this to promote fun in these poor people's lives. The one thing I want to know is that if they play World Cup soccer, then don't they get some kind of income? I mean this is good for the city (diversity wise) but what cities have held this before now?

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