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Mayor Bernero Recall Effort


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What does everyone think of this effort to recall Mayor Virg Bernero, who's been in office just over half a year? Personally, I think it's the most ridiculous movement I've seen in Lansing in my time here. The effort is being led by the same people that do nothing but antagonize and berate whoever happens to be on council and whoever happens to be in the mayor's office. To me, there is a line between being a watchdog and keeping the city government responsible and responsive, and coming down to council meetings to be nothing but nasty and threatening. I'm a regular watcher of council TV, and in the past 6 months, things have gotten to the level of just downright nastiness and negative. And, those same people want to know why people are leaving Lansing, go figure. And, this all in the face that shows in terms of economic development, Bernero has completed more in 6 months than Benavides was able to accomplish in all of 2005. That's saying something. I may not always agree with how Bernero goes about business, but you can't deny the accomplishments, and that's really all that matters now in a city in dire straights as our own on so many fronts. I'd MUCH rather have this passionate, and sometimes arrogant, mayor running the city than the doormat that was Tony Benavides. A great and nice man, one can't deny, but hardly the steel we need in city government to move a stagant city foward.

Anyway, it looks like the recall effort hit it's first roadbump, and I hope it hits many, many more. Even if it does get on a ballot for a special election, it will not only fail but go down in flames. This is the very last thing Lansing needs a the moment:

Bernero recall wording rejected

July 18, 2006

Commission calls activist's ballot language 'too broad'

By Tom Lambert

Lansing State Journal

A Lansing community activist's push to remove Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero from office was dealt a setback Monday.

John Pollard, who regularly criticizes the mayor at Lansing City Council meetings, went before the Ingham County Election Commissioners on Monday morning.

The three-member commission denied his submitted ballot language - which states Bernero "is unfit and his behavior is too inappropriate to serve as Lansing's mayor" - ruling it wasn't clear enough for voters to understand.


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I feel the EXACT same way you do about the Council regulars.

As for my opinion about Bernero, I didn't like him at all at first, then I started seeing and hearing about the developments he was pushing. By the time he gave his State of the City address, I was a supporter.

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I find it very curious that the LSJ is deciding to give Mr. Pollard so much press. He is clearly someone that thrives on it, and is without ideas and solutions. I might have more respect for him, but I have yet to see him support ANYTHING.

I think the Pulse story was great. Also, at last week's public comment, two individuals came up to criticize the regulars and 'Obe Jon Kenobi', its really kind of sad, because Mr. Pollard is very articulate, a fantastic speaker, and is willing to dissect financials, but he is so intent on the crazy rants, that he forgets to be part of the solution.

I think the recall effort is flat out stupid, and won't get anywhere near the necessary signatures. The Pulse article, along with the failed petition for recall, and Mr. Pollard's days in the media limelight will be significantly dimmed.

Besides, this city needs a brash leader, and so far Mr. Bernero is fitting the bill. Anyone who is going to shake things up, and make real change is going to piss off a few people. Or you could have another mayor like Benavides, which, I 'm not sure of anything that he did. I remember at the ribbon cutting of my business, he came down to Old Town and made mention that the city had no intentions of doing anything with the comfort station (next to Pablos'), which agitated a good many Old Town people.

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I almost feel bad posting this as it has become such an un-newsworthy topic... but if its going to be a page on here I guess it should at least be mentioned...


Activist's recall effort of Lansing mayor stalls again

Midday Update

By Tom Lambert

Lansing State Journal

A Lansing community activist's attempt to remove Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero from office was denied today for the second time in nearly two weeks.

The Ingham County Election Commissioners told John Pollard his recall language, which he is trying to get on a ballot in a February special election, was "too vague."

Pollard, who has criticized Bernero regularly at council meetings since the mayor took office Jan. 1, said he planned on refiling the language this afternoon.

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Hmmm..... this sounds particularly like the witch hunt that was the environment for the Clinton impeachment, many seem to think he was a pretty good president (Maybe bush needs an intern to govern better, maybe we should put an allocation for booze and hookers, if that will make our elected officials govern better). What is the alternative to this recall election, we already had the Benavides administration that did, very close to nothing. My perecption is that is exactly what the recall folks want, their big fat bloated city government that has to many workers for its budget. Then they want all development to pay the full tax bill on development, which in and of itself might be fine, but how do they propose to attract development, that brings jobs as an alternative. Many of them have looked around to see that Michigan is not exactly prospering right now, so somehow businesses need to be attracted. The recall folks also love to pick on small businesses for either not creating enough jobs for the tax breaks, however, small businesses employ the vast majority of people. As far as attracting people to move back to the city, its small business and neighborhood development that attracts people, not the same boring subdivisions that are currently struggling in many of the satellite towns. The recall folks rant and rave, about Virg, as though he were right up there with Josef Stalin, yet they don't list anything that he has actually done that is in violation of the law, or that has been overturned. He has PROPOSED things to change how government is currently working, most of which didn't get past council. You can propose anything that you want, in fact I respect the man for the ideas and the controversy that it sparks, I find fault with council members that resist change, or in the case of this recall crusade, putting the question to voters. Why can't voters determine if we really need 4 golf courses.

The recall is preposterous, and especially on this forum, the recall folks will find very few allies, as they seem to think that people stay in Lansing for the outstanding social welfare programs. As for 'demoralizing public workers' that is a matter of opinion. Our city suffers from a whole slate of issues, as does every city, the recall folks did not support the Mayor's budget, which at least on my scorecard, proposed fixing the structural deficit. I believe the council passed a budget that preserved a few jobs, only to have them on the chopping block next year.

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