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Aerial view of BA...dense dense.. NEW PICS... enjoy It

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atlantus    0

Aerial view of Buenos Aires, in PALERMO neighborhood. :) ( Its a neighborhood from Northern Buenos Aires, Argentina )


Zoom to the Planetarium in the Palermo Park ( The green area of the 1nsd pic) [ The green area contain 3 lakes and 1 small lake , in front to the planetarium]


Down Town ( shot from Rio de la plata or the River Plate )



The Historic side ( from Down Town )






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GRCentro    56

Sweet pics. Hey, what's the story behind the lone building stanind in this boulevard?

It's a monument, not a building. :thumbsup: It's called el obelisco, erected in 1936 to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Buenos Aires.

Thanks for the photos, atlantus. From the air, one can truly see how dense Bs As is!

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Lone Ranger    0

I think he's referring to the building sticking out into the boulevard near the top of the picture.

Beautiful photos!

Yeah the high-rise, not the obelisk. El obelisco, huh? How on earth did they come up with a wild name like that? :rofl:

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