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Florence Design Competition


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Reward: Bragging rights. Will also be submitted to a few developers around town. Its purpose is not to be built, but to show local developers a new way to look at developement projects for florence. And if they decide to develope it, even better...

Requirements: Building must be street friendly. That means no recessed in a sea of concrete. Must inspire people to walk. Be an insperation for similar developements to follow suit in the surrounding properties, however, must be consistant with local area. Must be mixd use. This can mean retail/commercial, Retail/residential, comercial/hotel... etc. 4 stories minimum. Must also have a reason why you designed it the way you did

Where: You may pick from two locations to 'build' to. 1) 491 W Cheves Rd - This is an office building that has offices for sale. It is in DT, but is designed as a 1 story SMALL office building set aback in a parking lot. No historical significance. 2) One of the lots in the Florence Mall Parking Lot. The minimum 4 stories is harder for this site.

Deadline: Sept 1st 2006 Voting will take place between 2nd and the 7th.

Purpose: Fun. Also to inspire some excitement in developement work of/for Florence.

Post designs on this thread.

(A request to the moderators: Is there any way this can by 'stickied' to the top of the topics lsit for SC? Otherwise, it will run the risk of falling off the page... If this si a problem I competely understand.)

Have fun....

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Sadly no... Its just a chance to see what ideas we as a group can come up with. When its all said and done, Ill probably send the winning design to some of the lcoal developers. But in all honosty, its just for fun. And, like i said, maybe it will get some of the local people around here to think more criticly about how to possibly proceed with projects...

So, i guess it isnt just for fun... Hey, if it gets people thinking constuctivly abotu florence and hwo to make it better.... whats the harm...


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