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Lansing Recieves Two "Cool Cities" Grants


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...It is more likely simply an error that the mainstream media continues to peddle.

One of the places I seen it was the same city document that listed the "Association Project." I'm also pretty sure there won't be a mezzanine level at least on the first floor, maybe the top units will be two floors or something.

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That's possible.

I was up on the 16th floor of the Boji Tower the other day for something, and Michigan Avenue (even under all of the construction) looks really nice from up there with the MSU skyline off in the distance. I was just imagining how big Abrams Landings and Stadium District would look, and they will offer a definite and huge presence from up there.

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I was getting the same impression looking at my 3D models of them when places in Google Earth. Hopefully more buildings of their height and taller can be built on that side of the river.

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