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Meinhardt Vineyards


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My childhood neighborhood located just in city limits line had grapevines in the backyards of most of the lots. We had one in our back yard and the grapes were delicious, but very sticky. Across the street was a huge vineyard of Muscadines called Marshall Farms (the owner's wife was also my piano teacher). They also grew blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and various other fruits. On the other side of the block, some lots had red grapes, pear trees, pecan trees, and such. I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but a little known fact about Statesboro is that it is located on a vast marshland and swampy area. The humidity is extreme. The College of Information Technology Building sunk 3 feet into the ground the first year it was built because the Ga Southern campus is right in the middle of a very marshy area, specifically that building.

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Meinhardt Lands Major Retailer

Meinhardt Vineyards is tripling its annual wine production capacity from 9,000 gallons per year to 27,000 gpy. The expansion's timeliness seems perfect, as they have just landed a major retailing deal with Walmart-owned Sam's Club. Meinhardt will be supplying 180 cases per Sam's locations in Georgia - totalling 3760 cases from the start, plus replentishing when necessary. Meinhardt is working to acquire 15 more acres for field expansion. Best part about the deal, is that the vineyard was able to sell their products at their normal high-volume asking price.

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