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Country Music's Economic Impact on Nashville


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Oh, there was a thread on this way back. I think we figured out that the main industries, in order were, (I think) Healthcare, Printing stuff, Music, Tourism, and something else.

Man...I can NEVER be the first to start a thread!! :angry:

Oh well...always a day late and a dollar short.

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I believe the key to answering this question is contained in the following excerpt from the Tennessean article:


"The bulk of Nashville's music industry is made up of people like the anonymous songwriter (who may or may not have a No. 1 hit in his or her life) or a band bus driver, as opposed to the Tim McGraws and Faith Hills of the world.

Still, for all of Nashville's varied musical and technical talent, country is still the format that's putting this town on the map, despite a conscious effort by the city and the chamber to portray Nashville as more than just "(Country) Music City."

Raines said he conservatively estimates that about 80% — some have said 90% — of the economic impact detailed in the report is attributable to country music, though that's not a statistic contained in yesterday's 35-page booklet of statistics.

"If there is a weakness here, it's the inability we had to segment different music genres," Raines said, explaining that there was no way to say how much of an impact Christian or gospel music has compared to bluegrass."


It states quantifying by segment proved difficult. The study includes all genres with the country music industry being the largest at 80-90 percent. But even taking an average of 85% impact, that still leaves 15% of 6.38 billion dollars to spread among the remaining musical genres. That billion bucks, as representing everything from classical recordings, to rap, jazz, rock, pop and everything else is still a huge number for a community to boast.

And to have an industry that has a cool factor such as this adds to the attraction of Nashville as a huge draw for the creative class and in turn provides us with that certain something one can't find in very many places elsewhere.

Add to that recent and various rankings for Nashville Arts participations, in addition to the music industry impact studies, I'd say we're doing great.

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From today's The City Paper Article--health care industry appears to have larger impact. The study mentioned states $18.3 billion impact in 2004. That's staggering.

"Earlier this year, the Nashville Health Care Council released a study showing the industry locally generated $18.3 billion in 2004. The data, compiled by Middle Tennessee State University, confirmed that health care represents 18 percent of the area

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