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Pictorial Summary of New Orleans Projects


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While some of these projects were planned before Katrina, every one of them has begun or will begin now post-Katrina. These are the majority of the major projects taking place in New Orleans right now, and the projects keep rolling in. The majority of the projects involving re-development of buildings will not be in the first set of projects.

Kalais Tower:


Canal Street Renovation:


Crescent City Towers:


Central City Condos:





HRI Warehouse District Project:


Northshore Marina Towers:



Saint Thomas Phase II:


Southshore Harbor Development:


Trump International Hotel and Tower New Orleans:


Convention Center Expansion:





$700+ Million Jazz Museum & Park:



National World War II Museum Expansion:


Erato Street Cruise Ship Terminal:


Commons Professional Condominiums:


West End Redevelopment (plan view):



L'Ultimate Tower:


Northshore Marina Tower Condominiums:


Woolworth Tower


Vantage Tower:



Not too shabby for a city that's still in the early stages of recovery from a disaster like Katrina. :thumbsup:

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Impessive collection there Nate. Thanks for putting them altogether. It's been fun to follow all that's going on in the Crescent City. I would like to see the Jazz District completed by the time the next Super Bowl comes around. The Trump Tower is the icing on the cake ! I am glad to see the revitalization projects too.

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Thanks for the comments guys, and I'm glad you like the projects we've got going down here. I'm really starting to feel the buzz with new projects being developed, just today, a project being planned involving three 350+ foot towers was announced. I love being able to sit back and see everything slowly begin to come together. :D

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I remember reading that highrise condo developers have just counted New Orleans as one of the few hot spots in the USA for condo development because of the tourism. So we're most likely going to be seeing quite a few more over time.

Oh we're definately going to see more and more major condo projects announced over the next few months and beyond. And now with the occupation percentage and prices per square foot in office buildings downtown, I wouldn't be suprised to see a major mixed-use tower planned soon as well.

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I think all of these projects are great, and I'm looking forward to all of them for New Orleans; however aside from the Trump International and the remodel of the ghastly Crescent City Towers, the project I'm looking forward to most is the renovation of Canal Street. I like the way it looks by Harrah's with the palm trees, and I think it will look really cool with that design element continued all the way down the street.

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Trump New Orleans, --st (Suspended Indefinetly)

What about the Trump Tower?

Oh, I need to edit that on Wikipedia. Trump Tower was "suspended indefinately" directly after Katrina, but a couple of weeks ago officials said that the tower would begin construction in first quarter 2007. :thumbsup:

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