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Downtown Fort Worth


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The Marquis Group plans to convert the old 8-story Montomery Ward store and catalog building into 240 condominiums. The project is part of a redevelopment of the 45 acre site called Montgomery Plaza. Marketing for the condos will begin in January and construction could start in April and take a year to complete.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Industrial strength condos


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That view won't exist much longer - the field there is now torn up and the Shops & Lofts at So7 are being built there.

7th Street just west of downtown alone is being completely remade. There's...

Montgomery Plaza

Presidio Townhomes


West 7th by Cypress Equities

Museum Place

I didn't know you were in town, Rested...if you need a tour guide, give me a shout at [email protected] .

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We saw all of those projects, I believe, too. The CD sure is going to look different in a couple of years. Any chance a wrecking ball will be taken to the old teal and pink building near Chipotle? My daughter thought it was hideous. :lol:

Thanks, Kevin, but we're actually over in Chandler and will be returning home tomorrow. My wife and I drove over with the kiddies yesterday to spend a couple of hours showing the kids around Fort Worth. We sure picked a cold and windy day to visit...I suppose it's always windy, but it sure was cold yesterday. Fortunately, we found the Starbucks in the Sanger Building and some Barbecue at Riscky's to help us stay warm.

One good thing came of the day: I've not heard my wife use the word, "rad," in many years. She actually uttered it when she saw the Firestone as we were driving out West 7th toward the CD.

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Man, I *live* in the Sanger Building lofts. You should have shot me a message! :)

Pink and teal building? By any chance, the one near the river next to that tattoo shop? Yeah, it's not my favorite. The ownership of that land and the land behind it is in flux - local architect Ken Schaumburg (who has been doing a zillion high-end urban infill projects lately) owned it, but it has apparently been sold.

Firestone's cool, been there since the late '90s and now being joined by some new development at long last. There are some nice (and actually rather affordable) new condos called Westview going up on Henderson between the Firestone and the AMLI Upper West Side apartments.

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