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Slovakia projects and development thread


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Octopus Habitat residential complex in Bratislava, under construction, planned completition end of this year:


4rest areal in Gerlachov, High Tatras, in final approval, planned construction start is second half of this year

Ca. 250 apartments and a five stars hotel, including congress, sports and wellness & spa centre. :




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Furthermore construction of the new appartments and flats is on the run in the whole Slovakia.

U/C is a project from Trnava, it is not the biggest construction in this city, about 80 appartments:


In Bratislava, where not only the appartments construction is in full boom, this is a project from Dubravka - up to 260 flats and appartments in Koprivnica complex, planned construction finish is December this year:


A bit bigger picture:


Or smaller construction of appartment complex in Ru

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Universo project in Bratislava:

21 bove ground stories and 3 underground ones are to be built in the near of Ruzinov area, where highrises construction and planning running. Obejct is composed of two rectangular buildings, first is a horizontal one with 8 stories and the second is vertical one with 21 stories.

Offices, polyfunction, 132 flats and 160 garage places will be located in the object. Approval is in final stage and the developer previews the construction latest at the beginning of 2007:


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City Business Center in Bratislava is the complex of four administrative buildings and one residential house with a total floor area of 106.000 sq. meters and built on 2,1 ha land. The first stage is a construction of two buildings, CBC I and CBC II. Currently they are under construction and should be completed at the end of this year. The highest building of the whole complex, CBC I highrise will have 24 floors.:




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Thank you. Bratislava is definitely leading in the development, although other regions are not that sleeping any more and the construction is step-by-step advancing in all Slovakia.

For Ko

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Continuing Bratislava - polyfunctional object on Racianske myto. Not that high, 13 stories, but maybe unusual shape. First three stories will be built for exhibition purposes, other stories for administration. Project is from AK Jancina architect company. The object gained planning permit and the building permit as well as the initial construction start is awaited in the second half of this year.


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Two projects from Bratislava, one almost finished and one approved.

Rozadol, 20 stories highrise east from the center is a part of the finished residential block. While other parts are finished - 8 residential buildings, highrise is planned to be finished in October-November this year:



And one project from Finep group - Czech developer, called Jegeho alej. Again 20 stories highrise which is a part of residential complex. Approved, construction could start this year. Also, not all new residentials in Bratislava are that high, but you can find quite a few of them.


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Almost completed tower in Bratislava is building called Tower 115, this is not the real height of the tower, but the developer launched a camapign, claimed, that including mobile phone antennas on the roof it will be the tallest in Bratislava. it is not entirely new, former Presscentrum building was reconstructed, but the whole exterior and interior got a new face. Final handover to customers is planned in Autumn. It is a part of Bratislava riverfront development, about which I will bring more detailed information later on.




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And Europalace, a project from Zilina. Complex consists of two blocks, one 22 floors tower adn second 8 floor building. Situated in the near of mani Zilina shopping cetners, university areal and sports center. Construction is going to begin this month. In the tower the first four floors are reserved for parking, relax center, smaller shopping mall and administration. The rest will be appartments. Flats are in the building B as well. Construction end is planned in August 2008.




Also, one smaller, but not of importance, project. First Holiday Inn hotel in this city and simultaneously the first 4 stars hotel is under construction and the opening is planned in January 2007. The hotel will also offer a conference hall for 450 participants. Sorry for the size of the image, but I just couldn

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Some more projects from Bratislava residentials:

Condominium renaissance, complex of 7 villas in the near of Morava river in Bratislava IVth district, U/C, completeness is previewed in September 2007:



128 flats in three buildings in Bratislava IInd district, construction finish August 2008:


And small update on previous posted projects:

Three towers complex and Universo highrises are currently under construction. And, the developer of Three towers decided to construct all three towers simultaneously.

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Multifunctional complex near D2 highway crossing by Czech developer Sekyra group /Bratislava/:



Construction begin: Autumn 2006 (I. phase), Summer 2007 (II. phase)

Construction finish: Spring 2008 (I. phase), Spring 2009 (II. phase)

In the first phase 175 appartments, second phase ca. 200 additional apprmtnets, 550 parking slots,

Polyfunction will be located in three objects of the complex as well in the blue forefront building. Construction preparation works already started.

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Main shopping center in the mainly spa town of Piestany. Developer, HB Reavis group developer gave a name Aupark to the shopping centres they have constructed, construct and plan to built throughout the whole Slovakia.

Total used area is 27.000 sq. meters, the part of the center will be hotel and office premises. Construction start is planned in 2007, the complex should be completed by 2009.


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Another project from Bratislava, Karolina residential highrise with 17 floors height and additional two undeground floors. The building is the last one from the ten new buildings in the complex Karlova ves center /Karlova Ves stred/, constructed in the last seven years. In the first two floors will be situated retail and administration, the rest is puropsed for flats.

Construction started in August 2005, building completeness is previewed in June 2008.


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Business center Aruba in Bratislava is situated in the near of D1 highway ring. Smaller congress hall with 160 seats, restaurant and appartments will be situated in the building. Alltogether 160 parking slots will be a part of the complex, including 54 in the first floor of the building,

The center is almost completed, collaudation date is December this year.


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Two projects from Nitra. First is centrum MAX, shopping entertainment complex, similar complexes are constructed and planned in quite a few middle-sized Slovakia cities. MAX in Nitra is U/C and opening is planned in December this year.


Then it

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