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Phoenix 2009

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Phoenix 2006:



From left to right in this image:

1. Summit at Copper Square (under construction now) - 23 stories

2. Unknown warehouse lofts project (proposed) - 18 stories

3. W Hotel (approved) - 39 stories

4. Cityscape #1 (proposed) - 30 stories

5. Cityscape #3 (proposed) - 40 stories

6. Cityscape #4 (proposed) - 40 stories

7. 44 Monroe (under construction) - 34 stories

8. Central Park East (approved) - 45 stories

9. Convention Center Hotel (under construction) - 31 stories

10. RO3 or other lofts project (approved) - 16 stories

11. Cosmopolitan Lofts (proposed) - 14 stories

Of course, this is if all the projects currently planned go through.

(Put togehter by Don B.)

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that is outstanding! Thanks for sharing, I love that kind of thing, I never have time to put something like that together.

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The pic is really cool, but the economy has killed this view of what downtown could have looked like. Its sad that only a handful of buildings have been built, and built much lower than approved and as reported. If we are ever going to get any height in downtown, it will have to be closer to I-10, but then you have to fight with the residences in the area that are close by.

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