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LEED certified buildings


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Shreveport's Petroleum Tower, which will soon be the headquarters for the National Center for Community Renewal, is undergoing extensive renovations which should secure it a platinum LEED certification upon completion.

Below is a rendering of the completed building:


Here's the sign in the window during renovations:


Here are some of my photos of what the building looks like right now, before the renovation:




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Pima Community College Desert Vista Campus here in Tucson.

It was built out of an old Motorola facility, and built around a Hohokam (ancient, pre-puebloan desert peoples) site. I believe it has a Gold cert, but I'm not sure.


Presidio Terrace, a new retail/condo development in Downtown Tucson is aiming for platinum cert. The project was only recently approved by the City Council, and is still just a site.


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In Pittsburgh, construction is beginning on the 23-story 3 PNC Plaza... a mixed-use tower downtown that is designed to meet LEED certification. It will feature office space, retail, condos and a hotel.


In additionn, ground will be broken next year on a 460 million dollar mixed-use project in downtown Pittsburgh next year. It features 700 residential units as well as other uses... and is designed for LEED certification.


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My legal practice focuses on land use and development issues, so I'm a fixture at our local development board hearings.

For the first time ever, I heard one of our Zoning Board members ask an architect whether a proposed building was LEED certified, or whether it could be considered a "green" building. It wasn't, and nothing really happened from there, but it was the first time I'd heard the question asked.


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Here are a couple of our projects...............

Bazzani Associates Headquarters - built in 1918 as a warehouse for a moving company. LEED-NC Silver certified.


East Hills Center (of the Universe) - a 5 bay retail/office/restaurant condominium development built in 2004. LEED-CS Gold certified.


The offices of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (a buildout at the East Hills Center project.) LEED-CI Gold certified.


The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan. A former City of Grand Rapids fire station being rehabbed into a community center. LEED-NC registered. Anticipating Silver certification. Currently under construction.


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Manitoba hydro tower being built ... they wana go for leeds gold cert




Mountan equitment co-op



CIER, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources


curent site


Barber house restoration and daycare and comunity hub. (2 blocks from me) they are going for leeds gold



might be some others

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The newly renovated East Grand Rapids Community Center, on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, complete with a "green" rooftop patio overlooking the lake:


You can get to the rooftop patio while staying outside, just by walking around the side of the library. The roof of the new addition is right at grade on the front.












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Nice pics. I have a few myself of the Heifer International in Little Rock. Don't think it's open yet and it's suppossed to get it's LEED certification at the end of the year. Afriad I don't know if they're going for gold or silver.









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The Banner Bank Building in Boise has Platinum certification (11 stories 182')


Thats the best pic i have of it right now, but i do know that it recycles storm water for its sewer system and there are many other things that won it Platinum certification

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The Banner Bank Building in Boise has Platinum certification (11 stories 182')


Thats the best pic i have of it right now, but i do know that it recycles storm water for its sewer system and there are many other things that won it Platinum certification

Are you sure that building is certified Platinum? I don't see any LEED certified projects in Idaho at all on the USGBC's website.

The USGBC website shows 18 platinum certified projects across all of its brands. NC, CS, CI, & EB. Idaho doesn't seem to be in the mix.

Edit: Nevermind, I googled it and it came right up. Congrats to Boise!!!

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Interesting, I wonder if there any other LEED certified Theaters in the US let alone Michigan.

I found three other theaters in the country on USGBC's site: Chicago, Atlanta and Bloomington, IN. Grand Rapids outnumbers any other region of Michigan in LEED Certified projects at least 5 to 1, so I wasn't surprised not to find any others in Michigan.

Michigan - LEED projects

(sorry, it won't let me hotlink to a "Michigan" only search)

It actually surprises me that it has caught on so strongly on this side of the State. And I've heard the Grand Rapids City Commission now asks every development applicant if it will be LEED Certified.

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The two big banks in Charlotte are building mixed-use complexes anchored by LEED certified office towers. I believe both are going for Gold.

Here is the rendering for the Bank of America tower, which is 32 stories. It has a garden with vines and a waterfall planned to purify the air. It'll also use some features the Bank of America used in their Bryant Park building. It will also contain a Ritz and be adjacent to the light rail line under construction.


We don't yet know much about what the Wachovia building will have, other than a firm commitment to have LEED certification, even for the condominium tower that is going in as part of the project. At the base of the tower, they are including 3 art museums, a theater, and a business school for Wake Forest University. Despite being under construction and having been planned for more than a year, we still don't have any renderings beyond a spyphoto posted on UP:


In Charlotte, we are hoping that these two bank buildings will start a trend to more green features in buildings, hopefully with more of these skills and ideas in the heads of contractors, architects and tenants. So far, the city has been terrible about including green features in their buildings. The only building so far in Charlotte that is LEED certified is a childrens library and theater imaginatively titled "Imaginon" completed last year.

Images of that building can be seen here: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...st&p=216807

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Abercorn Common, a redevelopment of a dying strip mall in Savannah, GA, was the first LEED certified retail center in the US.

The developer, Melaver, Inc. of Savannah, is redeveloping Savannah's first housing project into mixed-use Sustainable Fellwood, with energy-efficient affordable housing; senior housing; first-time homeowner units; market-rate town homes; retail, medical, and technical space; a clubhouse; an organic community garden; and significant common green space.

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