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Carolina Panthers Training Camp Fills Downtown Spartanburg Hotels


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I saw a story on the local Charlotte news about the effects of the Carolina Panthersteam coming to town to train for the upcoming season. Apparently all of the local hotesl are close to full from family members, fans, friends and media. Sounds as if downtown Spartanburg will be busier for the next while. Have any of you knoticed the activity?

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The Panther's training camp was more heavily attended last year since they made it to the Superbowl the previous year. I expect that this year will be similar.

I have no doubt that downtown will be more crowded this week during the camp. This will be good publicity for Spartanburg since everything downtown is finally starting to look good. Hopefully some Charlotteans will come down and see what's happening.

I am not surprised that hotels are filling up. The Marriott gets filled up all the time since it is the only decent hotel that is not on the interstate... this is why I think that another hotel is probably in the works (thats just my guess though). And if not, one should be.

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^Bakersfield to be exact....to see her grandson. :)

I just had a thought: why doesn't the city or some of the cultural organizations sponsor some events during the time that the Panthers are in town? Or is this already the case?

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There is the Panther's Party in Barnet Park, and I maybe a few other miscellaneous events. I agree that a much larger event would work well during this time. Thousands of people come to Spartanburg to see the Panthers, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a much larger party for when they aren't on the field practicing.

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The Charlotte Observer reports the following:

"The Panthers' 15-year contract to hold training camp at Wofford has expired, but team president Mark Richardson recently told the Observer he expected the deal to be extended."

Hopefully they extend it for 30 years!

The Observer

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