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Honolulu's Koreatown

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I did a mini photo tour and coverage of Honolulu and the State's most Korean neighborhood a few years back but here is an article about the same area done by a local newspaper.

From Korea to Ke'eaumoku


Source: Honolulu Advertiser October of 2005. So some info is a little old now, like the part about the Korean Bank, which is now in business.

At the Net Cafe on Makaloa Street, 21-year-old Hye Kim is taking a break between her school and work duties

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Here's some more Hawaii Korean related news:

KBS America launches TV channel in Isles


Hawai'i's Korean community unofficially totals around 50,000, with another 40,000 who are part-Korean. For such a small advertising base, there are a lot of Korean-language media

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