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Riverfront Cultural Center


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new rendering



New architectural firm REX's design for riverfront cultural center in Louisville

A gigantic business-culture complex is now underway in Louisville, Kentucky. This 57-story robot-like shaped building is structured by a massive box dubbed the "Island" which is poised above the ground and has three towers, and four supporting legs. It was designed to place culture at the site physically and spiritually, and contains a contemporary art museum, university program, hotel, condominiums, office space, retail, and an underground parking garage. This huge project used to be run by OMA, and is being carried on by Ramus Ella Architects (REX), which is a new firm established on 14th May by Joshua Prince-Ramus, who had been working on it independently with his team in OMA's New York office. Museum Plaza will be REX's first remarkable project. Construction is expected to start early 2007, with the completion in 2010.



61 story...not 57

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I have split this off from the original topic due to the behavior that took place in the other thread. Please stick to discussions about this tower. If you are certain nashville forumers, I would think twice before posting in this thread.

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How are they going to make that middle part red? I kinda dig the different colorations of different parts of the project.

I'm assuming thats only for demostration purposes only. In real life, it would probably not be that color. I'd hate to be in the room itself and see nothing but red...

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