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Hippy Drum Circle


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The Drum Circle is a vital part of Asheville's unique identity. It went off without a hitch last Friday after the major ruckus from the majority of residents who strongly support it. There were no complaints last weekend filed with the APD. And the ACT said those who complained would not allow themselves to be identified. They know darn well that people would rightly ridicule them for complaining about noise when they live in a vibrant downtown :rolleyes: I think the circle is quite safe. For now. Until the another member of the yuppie horde trying to Aspenize Asheville rears their elitist head to moan and groan again.

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Before Pritchard Park was really a park (late 90s) the drum circle was on Pack Square near the Vance obelisk. The gathering was much smaller, 8 or 10 drummers tops, and you didn't really see a whole lot of yuppie types out there. Only hippies with the dredlocks and a distinct smell of patchouli in the air. I always thought it looked fun.

Seeing what it's turned into is really quite amazing. But at some point I'm worried with all the media coverage and with everybody joining in, it's going to stop being 'cool' and it will shrivel up entirely.

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