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Opensource Maps of Downtown Detroit

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Are you talking about something like this?


Detroit News

Needless to say, with the construction of MGM, entire blocks are now one superblock on the northwest side of downtown, so all maps are out of date, in that regard.

You could also try Google Maps. They usually do a very good job.

Can't wait to see the finished product, though!

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Thanks for getting rid of this account. It took a long long time that's for sure with all of the asking and everything. Take care everyone, and if you want to catch up feel free to contact us through the internet elsewhere, you know who you are and how to find us. Getting ready to move into the city because we got a tax break. From Southfield and with respect, A Vision of Detroit!

Peace to you and Peace to Detroit. Gone, finally from the board. Thanks Mr. Mod. We'll be checking in though, a thousand or ten strong!

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