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Scenic road designations


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I am not familiar with much of suburban Charlotte but I was wondering if there have ever been efforts to preserve scenic roads north or south of town. There are some very pastoral stretches of road in the Lake Norman area and south of Charlotte around Wahaw/Weddington etc. Getting a designation takes a long,tiring, concerted effort by area residents but the preserved trees and low density regulations make it worth it. Any roads worth mentioning?

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Well, not suburban, but I would love to see Queens Rd. between Proivdence Rd. and Queens Univ. designated with some sort of national historic designation that would also apply to the properties fronting that stretch.

It was the showcase road for a nationally renowned land planner's signature work at the time. It has several houses that were designed by famous architects of the time, and several houses that were considered the best examples of a particular style in the city. The houses were also home to some of Charlotte's most famous residents of the early 1900's.

It also, contained a streetcar line, has a statue of a man (who has a quirky place in Charlotte's history), and is bookend by two churches that happen to be among the old surviving structures in the city.

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I had never driven down Providence all the way to Marvin before a few weeks ago. There are some very pretty stretches with horse farms that would be nice to keep scenic. But I also noticed several signs for upcoming large subdivisions. Which would make it difficult to make a case if the area is changing so rapidly.

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