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Why was Wal-Mart topic closed?


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Yeah, I think in order to enter the members+ threads you'll need to have a certain number of posts.

I believe that's right. I remember noticing I was a "+" when I became a "whistle stop." It may have been beforehand, but I never noticed it.

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Same thing happened to the Fox news discussion. What's up?

I note that your only contribution to UrbanPlanet has been to get into heated political discussions. Not one post of yours has anything to do with Charlotte. And it was your posts that caused that thread to go off topic as you decided to interject your political views into a thread that asked about local governance. My suggestion to you is that you probably ought to go to another forum if your only goal is to get into arguments over politics.

We provide the UrbanPlanet Coffee House to our members who have made a positive contribution to the site which is something that you have yet to do. That thread along with the Fox News thread was moved there for that reason. Don't open another topic like this on UrbanPlanet or it will be your last. You asked, now you have your answer.

You have to over a 100 non-spam posts
Indeed. This is why we arranged the forum as such. We have a huge number of valued and great forumers on this site. We have provided the coffeehouse as a place they can go to have discussions.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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