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Useless subforum stats


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Out of curiousity and fun (nerd alert here) I wanted to see what the average reply per topic ratio was for the Michigan threads.

12.8 Detroit

16.8 Flint

19.0 Ann Arbor

28.6 Grand Rapids

31.7 Lansing

States as a whole

21.5 Michigan

23.5 Florida

27.1 North Carolina

27.5 South Carolina

104 Virginia !!!

Enjoy these fun #s!

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i'm a nerd too

i've been following posting stats for a while now

Michigan has the second most posts behind North Carolina

It passed Florida to take the #2 spot back in June. It'll be a while though before it passes NC if it does at all. They are pretty neck and neck with average posts per day, sometimes MI has more, sometimes NC has more. There are not quite 14k posts between them, North Carolina has the most posts by a very long shot.

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Doing post count tallys on the various forums for comparison purposes isn't something that will tell you much about anything, as the forums here are not all equivalent to each other.

Speaking of that, I will give you another statistic. The trash here has 3834 topics with 9605 replys. In other words, we have sent almost 10,000 posts to the trash since we started to keep deleted posts.

We also have a few inactive forums that are no longer displayed. For example have an extensive Simcity section that even included a UrbanPlanet downloadable map, but we closed it as it tended to attract too many badly behaved kids which caused too many problems. We also have a few hidden forums that are used for one thing or another, mostly having to do with forum operation.

Some of the forums on UrbanPlanet don't add to one's post count.

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Something else that we are interested in is who is viewing UrbanPlanet. This is a chart of the top places for UrbanPlanet viewers (includes members and guests) with the resolution set to 500. The larger the circle the larger the number of views from that area. This can be an indication as to the quality of a forum. i.e. how interesting is the forum. A large number of posts but a relatively small number of views is not a desirable as a forum with a smaller number of posts, but a larger number of views. Of course, a large number posts and views is best of all.


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Yes. The next biggest circle is Orlando. This is a graph of the 500 largest locales (out of close to 16000) over the last 3 months.

If you want to see where views are coming from in the last 24 hours click here. (make sure to click on "Show More Pins")

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wow, you wouldnt think that there would be that many views from a small town like that, it only has like 10,000 people.i wonder how they all found this site, there isnt any threads about Alpena.

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LOL, monsoon. I will never forget those awful days of members Kornsnake and yochillout...

dtown, those are views from the Alpena area, as in the whole region. That means that there could be an ISP provider or some sort of service hub for residents across a very large area, not just the city of Alpena For example, my dot is sometimes on Bay City instead of Saginaw.

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