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Greensboro made it on Jeapordy!

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Just thought you all might like to see this.

last thursday, Greensboro was featured as one of the categories on Jeapordy "Yes, we'd like "2005 Greensboro Mayoral Race" for $1,000, Alex"

here is the link


word must be getting out about our boomin night life ;) Girls Gone Wild came to downtown Greensboro and we made Jeapordy all in the same week.

BTW here is the picture link of the Girls Gone Wild Tour Bus in front of a nightclub in downtown Greensboro on Greene Street. Girls Gone Wild is on tour in search of the wildest bar in America. I know there was alot of chest flashing in that bar!

"Club manager Michael Umphenour said it was part of a search for America's wildest bar.

Ace, a cast member from MTV's Real World Paris, was scheduled to be on hand.

Even with a $20 cover charge, partygoers were lining up before the doors opened.

"If you watch the (Girls Gone Wild) videos, you have to see how wild it gets live," said B.J. Noble, 23, of Greensboro. "If you're young, if you're a guy, if you want to have fun, this is like the best thing that could come to town."



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