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Interesting map in today's B/R/S/F Times

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Not the highest quality, but:


Here's the article, talking about how city planners are still trying to discourage "sprawl".

- Note how Bella Vista, home of the original "sprawl" ;) isn't on that map...probably since it's not incorporated. However, there are lots of other street maps which feature BV, which would spread huge at the map's northern end.

- We talked on another thread about how NWA may be becoming somewhat "hammer shaped" from the air. In a way this map bears that out even without BV in the picture...the areas between Centerton and Bentonville, despite the glut of housing, are still filling in. It's also interesting that Siloam/Gentry isn't on there...SS is more retangular shaped west-to-east but is surprisingly large on a map, even one that doesn't have all the streets between it and Gentry filled in.

- The old city limits are darker, the newer limits are lighter.

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You can really tell that there's been a lot of growth in Benton County. Look at how the cities up there have annexed land compared to Washington County. Thanks for posting the map. It's not too easy to find that paper down here.

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