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Ozone Action Day today (July 31)


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If they can bring me to Portage, I think that would be terrific.

I hear ya on that one. My days are long enough, w/o introducing 2 20-minute walks into the mix, plus having to wait the extra 20 minutes for the bus to show up after my day is done @ work...

If it was more feasible, I'd definitely take mass-transit; As it stands, it'd be quite inconvenient.

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The first 10 Ozone Action Days are free on the Rapid bus system. Get on and ride!

(This is not a suggestion, people. Don't make me smack you!)

ITP route doesn't go to my workplace, darn it! I thought about going bi-modal, but I'm only 7 miles from work. Takes about 30 minutes to ride the whole way.

(Yes, I rode today. Need to recalibrate my internal thermostat, since I spent the weekend on I-96; the aging parent in Beaumont thing.)

If I were less determined, I would ride my bike to the bus stop, put it on the front (bike rides free!), get on, enjoy the friendly driver and the air-conditioned comfort and the high-level view of the passing scene. Then ride to the front door of my workplace for "rock star parking."

Nicest thing about cycling: instant windchill factor. Yep, usually that's a consideration in the cooler months. But if it's 90 degrees out and I'm riding at an easy 10 mph pace, it's only 80 degrees on me. On a nice downhill (I can get my city bike up to 20 mph on a couple of them) it's even better. Going home I always seem to have a tailwind. Stopping for traffic signals, I often wait in the shade of a street tree.

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