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Mass transit in Tampa


Mass Transit Usage  

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  1. 1. Would you use mass transit to go to work or recreation?

    • Yes, even if it was a combo of Commuter/light/mono Rail and bus
    • Yes, only if it were a rail/monorail option (light or commuter)
    • Yes, if the bus system was better planned
    • No, I would not use mass transit as an option

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We all know that Tampa's roads are becoming more crouded every year. While a mass transit opiton may not be entirely needed at this junction, it can be sure that it will be needed in the comming years. Realists know that it will take several years (3-10) to actually get a system off the ground AFTER the decision is made to implement such a system. Given that we are probobly a good 4 years before even a starter line were operational it becomes even more clear that a transit alternative needs to be made available shortly, at least one in the planning stages (never mind that there is a nearly completed one by Hartline/Hartrail that could be used almost immediatly :whistling: ).

So, if such a system were implemented would you use it? I know I would. I am tired of driving the hour + ride through I-275 to and from work every day.


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Not just Tampa, but everywhere else. St. Pete, Clearwater, Polk County, And for me, New Port Richey :rofl: . But seriously, Everywhere needs some type of fast transportation. If we get it planned now, shorter we have to keep on dreaming about why we haven't done so. TIA, Busch Gardens, Downtown Cleatwater, The Pier, everywhere needs some type of transit better than road.

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