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Housing market

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"He said that housing continued to be a "tale of two markets" with previously hot areas experiencing declines and more modestly priced areas showing a boom.

Lereah said that while New York City, Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis had seen sales declines, cities such as Syracuse and Pittsburgh were experiencing rising sales."


"Cranberry's housing market cools; region avoids big drop"

The overall market remains steady, but Burd said there have been changes locally, including a surge of about 40 percent in housing permits issued in Allegheny County, and a 27 percent decline in permits in Butler County, where Cranberry has seen its total slip to about 31 single-family units, from about 76 single-family units a year ago.

Allegheny County was the leader in single-family permits issued, with 535 units, followed by Westmoreland County, with 334 units; Washington County, with 199; Butler, with 177; Beaver, with 98; and Fayette, with 39 units.

For total housing permits, including both single-family and multifamily units, Tall Timber's statistics show Pittsburgh as the overall leader, with 262 new single-family housing permits issued.

Overall, the region saw a 60 percent jump in multifamily permits, with 1,025 permits issued, up from 639 units through the end of June 2005.

Obviously Cranberry eventually will get too crowded to simply slice up land, but the city news is encouraging.


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