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What do you like or love about the Dallas-FT. Worth metroplex?

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What kind of things do you like or even love about the Dallas-FT. Worth metroplex? The musems? The shopping? Job opportunities? The people? Anything else? Also, what are some changes you would like to see occur in the area?

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Hmm, what I like...

There's good food around...it's a little dry here in Tyler for cosmopolitan cuisine (literally dry, too...), so it's always a special treat when we can afford to to hit Dallas and eat well. It's probably the thing I miss most about living in a large metro area.

There's an Ikea...great furniture and great style.

The people are nice...but then again, that's what you find all over Texas!

More different kind of people...the folks here are nice and all, but they kind of all seem...the same.

I have an aunt who lives there!

Very, very cheap living for a large city


Make DFW airport less confusing

No more smog testing! (yeah, right)

Do something about the narrow lanes...and the traffic! It's almost as bad as SF Bay Area traffic!!!!!

Really there's not much I'd change in D/FW...

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