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DC/NC Dude visits KCMO

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I just got back from a business trip to KC. Before I arrived, I dreaded the trip. I had always thought of KC as sort of a boring, slow-paced, declining city.

But wow was I impressed by your city. I stayed at the Marriott downtown but got to get out and see much of the area. I was most impressed at how pretty the area is. I guess coming from the East Coast I always thought of Kansas City as on the flat, barren plains. I was shocked to see such a green, tree-covered area with rolling hills and sloping terrain.

I love the city's fountains, which really give it character and provide some degree of visual cooling during the searing summers. The Plaza is great. I love the Spanish design and flavor of the area. It is not just another urban village, it has gravitas.

Your skyline is beautiful, with depth and architectural weight.

My only major complaint is despite all the construction downtown, there was almost no life there after 6p.m. I would go blocks and blocks and not see a soul on the downtown streets at 10 pm. I really wish your football and baseball stadiums were downtown, which could add some vitality to that area.

But overall, KC is a beautiful city with friendly people.

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Ive never been to Missouri. My family always told me that the place should have been called misery.... (a play on words.... LOL). They were from there, then they moved out to the Pacific Northwest.... but, before I get off track.... Does anybody anything about KCMO? I would really like some street level pics and skyline pics as well if someone would be willing to volunteer! ^_^

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