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How's Cleveland doing lately?

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It seems like it had a ton of potential when I was living there but the politician blew it.

The city's doing pretty good but there's a mixed bag, to a degree. The economy is still hurting and downtown still has not attracted major businesses back downtown to make up for the hit the city took. Recently, though, a report said office vacancies are falling. The Flats is still struggling, although there's one extremely large residential/office/retail project there that keeps growing call the Stonebridge. The good news is it has one of the fastest Midwest big city downtown residential markets. The neighborhoods are showing signs of stablization and improvement and even mass transit use, particularly our lightly-used rail system (the Rapid) is getting significantly heavier use...

... as for the "polititian that blew it", I don't know who you're speaking of, for in Cleveland, there are multitudes of such guys and women, it's hard to say exactly who.

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I will be moving to Cleveland in January. I currently live in Mt. Adams in Cincinnati, my vote for most beautiful neighborhood in the Midwest. I'm sure some Chicago people would argue, but I would say ask them if they've ever heard of topography. ANYWAY, where are some good areas to look at. I've heard the Warehouse District is cool, and Tremont is trendy. I have a dog, and need to be able to walk him at night without getting an ass-raping. Let me know what's up with Cleveland. I also want access to the Rapid very close by if moving to Tremont or other non-downtown neighborhoods so I can get wasted and go to Indians games without being arrested.

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The economy is expanding in Cleveland and its unemployment rate is below the national average. So we're starting to turn things around.

Anyway Downtown there are 4 huge residential projects proposed, one will start construction in September. The other is in Emminent Domain disputes for portions of the proposed property. Ultimately the project will include retail entertainment and condos.

There are three 18-22 story condo projects proposed, waiting for demand.

A developer Robert Stark wants to redeveloped the vacant parts of the warehouse district and put in 1 million square feet of retail. he also wants to add office space and residential units. Another project is on the west bank of the flats and is undergoing the land acquisition phase.

Bank of America, which recently bought MBNA has said it might look at moving its huge suburban office into downtown.

The Bus rapid transit project on Euclid Avenue has been under construction for 2 years and will be done in another 2. the buses will have their own dedicated lanes and have the right-of-way at lights. The city also rezoned the land adjacent to Euclid so only buildings with retail on the ground floor and apartments or offices above abutting the sidewalk can be built.

The Cleveland Clinic keeps expanding and UH Cleveland Clinic and Case, plan to brign 10,000 jobs to the University Circle area.

Case is also building a new retail and intertainment district at the intersection of Mayfield and Euclid.

There are also plans to build more housing and condos in and around the University circle area even Lebron is in on some of the action building condos.

Another project is Steelyard commons a "power center" being built on a former steel mill. While not the most urban project, it will be convienent for people that need their Wal-mart, Jc Penney, Target and Home Deopt fix , that used to have to drive out to the 'burbs.

Tremont and Ohio City would be good for walking a dog. Ohio City is better for transit. So is the Shaker Square 'hood on the East side that has two rail lines serving it. and is very urban.

The warehouse district is great if you want to live on top of clubs. it really is an entertainment district and is a short walk from all the sports venues and the two downtown malls THe Galleria, which is mostly dead except for a strong food court, and Tower City which is the city's rail hub and is a pretty good mall despite the rumors.

iuB1673, why are you deciding to move to Cleveland? Glad you're coming. Hope my info helps...

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i hope cleveland is doing well. i have not been back since 1984 when i left because of my dad's job. i was hoping that some people could give some updates about the city.

i know that radio has changed in cleveland, more than i expected amd oi can find that info on either www.radioandrecords.com or www.radio-locator.com. i am a history buff when it comes to radio in cleveland ohio.

i was born in cleveland in 1966 and so that means my childhood was in the 1970's and 1980's. i have look on mircosoft virtual earth but that is not helping much. i want to know first what as changed on broadway ( aka route 14) from pershing ave to fleet ave. those are my old stomping grounds. lived on newman ave off of east 65th street from 1967 to 1984. i went to todd elementary school and south high school.

the rock-n-roll hall of fame looks awesome, the new browns staidum is awesome as well as the new indians and cavs arena. cleveland is making a move forward and i can see that. lets help this guy out please. look at my forum - the history of cleveland 1984 to 2007 as well. july 6, 1984 :cry: was the saddest day for me . lets make this guy go from :cry: to :dunno: to :) in the next few weeks. thanks clevelandohioboy1966

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