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Wendell FOX

Will Downtown Plaza rise to 80 stories?

Will it be taller than the Trump Tower Toronto?  

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  1. 1. Will it be taller than the Trump Tower Toronto?

    • Yes, it will be taller than TTT (and FCP's roof)
    • Yes, it will be taller than TTT's roof (but not tallest roof in city)
    • No, it will be shorter
    • No, it will be its original 55 stories
    • No, it won't be built

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Rumours have been flying around at all of the forums (UrbanTO, SSP, SSC) that Stinson's Downtown Plaza is going to be extended from 55 floors to 80 floors. A forumer which dubbed himself as an investor in the project, V_E or victoryDev, described the secret rendering as the following:

"The revised version will be a smooth, double oval shaped, blue glass skinned tower. Truly unique and spectacular. Something along the lines of the Marriot Rennaissance Tower in Detroit, but with two towers merged together, and in blue glass."

He says that it'll be released to the public in a few weeks but cannot release it himself. sly.gif

He also had this to say:

"Suffice it to say this will be an amazing building. Look out Donald.

which means it could beat the height of Trump's 273m tower and become the city's tallest.

The revised original rendering:


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Yeah, if this building does end up being extended to 80 floors, watch Trump try to add a huge spire or something on the top to make his tower taller.

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Its too early to tell if this will even get build. I have little doubt it'll be proposed, but it actually getting built is another one...but as long as the market in TO stays the way it is, I don't see why it wouldn't. Its about time the abundance 30-40s condos get some super-talls to balance the skyline better.

It'll also be interesting to see how, if at all, this affects Signature at CityPLace's height....but I guess we have some time to wait.

For the Plaza, Rumours have been that the new partner will be Intrawest.

The new design will be a doule columed-convexed building, and all glass (again, all rumours so far).

But, I do not think this tower till top out TTT...TTT's ceiling heights are really unprecedented for a residential tower. Plaza will not have the same ceiling heights, and even at 80s, it will not top out TTT at 68s.

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The 80 storey Downtown Plaza- Rendering:

(courtesy of cassiusa and another from UT)



Impact on the skyline facing south:


Much, much much better than the original IMO (not just because it is taller).

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